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12 scholarships for the ADOBE EXPERIENCE MANAGER course

At VASS University we want to offer you the best training to become an expert in the following areas Back-End or Front-End developer Get ready to enter the world of the Adobe Experience Manager with this course!

From 16 October to 21 November you will be able to access 120 hours of fully online training that will help you to become a professional in portal development.

VASS FOUNDATION will provide 12 grants which will cover 100% of the cost800 euros. Once the course has been passed, the student will not only obtain a diploma accredited by VASS UNIVERSITY, but will also have the opportunity to become part of the VASS team.

In case the student does not join VASS, as compensation, the amount charged will be refunded (100% if he/she has obtained an outstanding grade; 50% if he/she has obtained between 5 and 7 points out of 10).

To apply for one of the scholarships or to register for the course, an interview and a level test will be carried out to check that you have a basic knowledge of Java.


VASS UNIVERSTITY offers training from the entire VASS ecosystem, providing our members with a wide range of courses and possibilities for personal and professional development, through learning routes that are shaped as a gymnasium of knowledge.

Our offering aims to keep you up to date and includes training in technology areas of interest, methodologies and frameworks, behavioural skills and languages. 

The VASS UNIVERSITY community is a living community, a meeting place brought to life by the 18 guilds that bring together the interests of people who form informal teams to share concerns around 18 themes such Agile, Cybersecurity, G.O.D.S (Sustainability), Blockchain, Adobe, Front Development, Appian, Liferay, JAVA or VASS Talks.

With the support of our colleagues in VASS' People & Talent department, we're pursuing three main objectives:

  1. To have a global training catalogue accessible to all employees of the VASS Ecosystem in all geographies where we operate. 
  2. Create training itineraries that allow for the continuous improvement of the teams, taking into account the global context of our operations and the specific needs of each business area. 
  3. Develop our training strategy on a digital platform that allows us to offer members of the VASS community anytime / anywhere access.

In the last few months we've been working to provide VASS UNIVERSITY training experiences online, live streamed and face-to-face. 

  • With regard to the online training:
  • We've integrated our People & Talent platform with the Udemy catalogue. 
  • Our internal training is accessible to all employees. 
  • The training we develop in our guilds (technological areas of interest) is up to date and accessible at any time. 

We have all this content accessible at any time and integrated into our People & Talent platform, which allows us to centralise all talent processes in one tool. 

  • In our training sessions that are streamed we want to adapt to the new professional reality by taking advantage of the benefits offered by digitalisation and under the SmartWorking modality. All these training activities are organised through our digital platform which is regularly updated. 
  • We also complement our entire On Line/ Streaming catalogue with Classroom training, particularly by enhancing the development of softskills.

In terms of content, our training strategy is based on the following five pillars: 

  1. IT Training: We promote the development of technical and technological competencies that allow us to train our teams in the latest versions of the technologies most in demand by our clients. 
  2. SoftSkills Training: We offer training that allows us to develop our team management skills, customer service and corporate leadership in line with best practices in the market. 
  3. IT Certifications: We have agreements with the main manufacturers in the market to provide official training for our teams.
  4. Agile Methodologies: Scrum, Kanban, Design Thinking..... This is our to projects and at all levels of the VASS ecosystem. 
  5. Languages: Special focus on English as a required key skill in the new global environment. 

Welcome aboard the VASS UNIVERSITY experience!!!


With the deployment of the Recovery Programme Next Generation In the EU, the need to boost high level digital skills among the population became a top priority. In Spain, Autonomous Communities and City Councils have embarked on several actions that the State is trying to complement, something that is not as dynamic and bold as desired, due to bureaucratic restrictions.

Through BOTTEGA UNIVERSITY and with the support of the VASS Foundation, we've participated intensively in this process. In 2021 we were already pioneering support for the Madrid City Council by deploying a selective and immersive training programme in basic programming skills. As part of the pilot of the Municipal School of Digital Talent, 120 people were trained and introduced to the world of programming.

Since the second half of 2022, the Basque Employment Service, LANBIDE, with the support of the VASS Foundation for the Promotion of Digital Talent, has been developing the DEVELOPERS FROM EUSKADI project, an example of public-private collaboration. The challenge? To train 400 vulnerable people (mainly unemployed) so that, in just 6 weeks, they could learn the basics of programming. The programme, called "Coding Foundations", through 60 hours of explanatory videos and interactive activities, provides a broad perspective of the world of software, allowing them to acquire basic knowledge of various programming languages (CSS, HTML, JavaScript...) and by the end of the training, be able to tackle the challenge of programming a simple web page.  

Participants are classified in a ranking, depending on the results obtained. And the 100 best-ranked people would go on to a second phase, where they could participate, from January to October 2023, in a 600-hour "Full Stack" specialisation programme, together with a counselling pilot to integrate them into the world of work.

The challenge was not a trivial one for the Basque Country, which ranks second in Spain in terms of per capita income. For four reasons:

  • It was a bilingual programme. Although the English-Spanish methodology allowed access to the original material (English) with subtitles, and contact with specialist mentors in either language, it could be a deterrent for many unemployed people.
  • It was an online training, which is not very common in public programmes. Although it could make accessing it easier by removing the need to travel, this methodology requires a dose of discipline that is unfortunately rare.
  • It was an unregulated pathway. Although it had valid credits in the USA, it was a non-conventional programme and did not exactly match the vocational certificates of the State Employment Service. 
  • It had a demanding "mass" vocation, with 400 potential participants in a short and demanding process in terms of tutorials, exams, etc.

The project was well received from the beginning. Of the almost 600 applicants, 404 people were finally admitted and only 6.2% of the students dropped out of the experience. Of those who successfully completed, 46% were women, who also made up 6 of the top 10. The students gave this experience an average score of more than 9.3 points (out of 10) and the average mark achieved by the students was more than 9.1 (out of 10). The success was such that the Basque Employment Service and the VASS Foundation had to make an extra effort to ensure that 200 people (and not the 100 planned) would finally take part in the second stage.

Re-skilling is possible, even more so with imaginative formulas! At VASS UNIVERSITY we have full confidence in the prestigious American school BOTTEGA, accredited by the American Council on Education and with university status, which has trained more than 40,000 professionals and has participated in ambitious professional re-skilling programmes with the US Federal Government and with leading multinationals such as AMAZON.


VASS UNIVERSITY is a strategic project, brought to you by VASS Company. It collates all the training activities that circulate in our company ecosystem across 26 countries. From the training used by our professionals and collaborators to that which is shared with clients as part of their high-value projects. In addition to training from our ecosystem, we’ll also be making training we deliver in collaboration with various universities gradually available.

VASS considers TALENT the main driver in its expansion strategy. VASS UNIVERSITY aims to be an accelerator of knowledge in niche IT skills, which are in high demand on a global scale. The initiative also aims to strengthen VASS' links with higher education and vocational training providers.

In recent times, the media has reported striking waves of layoffs at global tech giants. From our perspective, these market corrections, on the one hand, affect a small percentage of technical employment. On the other hand, digital transformation is unstoppable and the need for cutting-edge talent is greater than ever. 

What this new, uncertain and changing environment will mean is that companies will be increasingly selective when recruitmenting talent. 

The experience of the last few years, backed up by our Annual Talent Survey, demonstrates there is still a need that is not sufficiently met by formal education and that the market itself does not meet this need either. Proof of this is that employers are spending an increasing amount of time training their new recruits. Through costly on boarding, they provide a layer of practical knowledge that is very difficult to obtain from conventional programmes .

VASS UNIVERSITY has channelled the professional and teaching experience of a large group of highly skilled professionals to offer high-level technical skills to people who are motivated to grow in an international environment. Through a select group of subjects, we offer a differential approach, it combines theoretical knowledge with practical applications that constitute the day to day working on complex projects, developed by a highly sought after professional elite.

Most of the courses have a short duration and follow a predominantly on-line model (synchronous, with live classes) combined with the assistance of expert teachers (tutorials) and activities based on real projects. It includes work on critical situations that raises the student's category from a mere "specialist" to an "expert profile".

We also offer a high training model through BOTTEGA UNIVERSITY, one of the first online universities in the USA. Since 2016, it has trained more than 40,000 people that are participating in major re-skilling operations with the US Federal Government or multinational companies such as AMAZON. Thanks to our alliance, you can now participate in this successful training, with the Full Stack programme on a part-time, asynchronous schedule. The programme comes with the assistance of tutors in English or Spanish and uses one of the most effective and tested remote learning methodologies in the world.

Our portfolio is complemented by the exciting world of online marketing, whose radical evolution in recent years has created a skills demand that is not being met due to a lack of skills. MOA is a high-level training centre that, since 2020, has been training professionals in the field of online marketing with an innovative approach including avant-garde itineraries that combine high-demand technical skills with an innovative methodology. learning by doing. Thanks to the experience of its teaching staff, managers and working professionals, the MOA programmes have enabled its more than 300 students to take a great professional leap forward, acquiring skills that are in great demand by companies all over the world.