VASS University successfully completes its own training in Adobe Experience Manager

In response to the high demand for professionals with Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) skills, one of the world's leading Digital Experience Platforms (DXP)VASS University launched an ambitious and innovative course to provide an accelerated and immersive experience in the use of this powerful tool, allowing participants to be trained in the functions of Back-End or Front-End developers.

After a rigorous selection process, in October and November, the 12 best candidates underwent a comprehensive training programme delivered by VASS expert teams, under a practical approach and an online methodology. which allowed for the participation of people from different geographical backgrounds.

Thanks to the support of the VASS Foundation participants did not have to bear any tuition fees. Their support, together with the dedication of our teachers, allowed them not only to acquire knowledge that is highly valued by the market, but also to then become part of a high-level team of more than 120 professionals. working in an international environment.

Alberto Notario, Service Manager at Digital Business Platform, shares his impressions of the course: "This initiative represents a valuable opportunity for people eager to learn, who aspire to build their way into the cutting-edge technology of web portals. After the demanding selection process, the students demonstrated enthusiasm and a remarkable ability to learn and apply their new knowledge in a systematic way".

In the first few weeks, the selected individuals received comprehensive training covering general platform knowledge, before moving on to a more specialised focus on both back-end and front-end aspects. The admirable dedication and progression of the students reaffirms the success of this programme in developing talent for a rapidly evolving digital environment.

After a month and a half of training, seven students, in addition to obtaining a diploma, were given a permanent contract at VASS.They will be integrated into a high-performance team, working on real projects from day one and growing as professionals.

Daniel Martín López, backend developer, one of the students, comments: "The course exceeded my expectations, providing a deep dive into the technology with exceptional instructors who clarify concepts and address individual questions. While I found some aspects, especially those related to databases, challenging, the convenience and clarity of the system is noteworthy. The course's emphasis on component componentization and reuse in AEM is beneficial for managing multiple projects. The direct relationship between back-end and front-end development, along with the incorporation of Java and component-based frameworks, aligns well with the demands of today's job market, catering to my motivation for joining the programme."

Natalia Blanco Outeiral, frontend developer and another student, says: "The Adobe Experience Manager training exceeded my expectations with professional and attentive instructors. The course content is dynamic and engaging, and I sought this training to expand my frontend development skills with a foundation in AEM. My goal is to build a solid foundation in AEM, given its efficient content management and personalised experience capabilities, crucial in today's competitive digital marketplace. In short, training in AEM not only enhances technical skills, but also has strategic relevance in the competitive digital landscape."

In 2024, we are doubling our commitment to this successful initiative with 2 new courses, The first of which will start in April and for which registrations are already open.

Come on, we are waiting for you! You can register here. The second course will start after the summer.