Why is there so much talk about Ransomware? Basic concepts about this attack and how to deal with it.

Get a basic, practical and comprehensive understanding of one of the most frequent and impactful types of attacks in recent years: Ransomware. We will review the different types and trends of Ransomware, the possible measures to take to prepare for and respond to this type of attack, and its consequences.

  1. Definition, impact and life cycle.
  2. Attack methodologies and analysis of an infection.
  3. How to prepare for possible Ransomware attacks?
  4. What to do if you have been attacked by Ransomware and when is it possible to recover your data?
  5. Economic, social and legal consequences of infection.

Duration: 2h (1h theory + practical workshop)

Aimed at profiles with basic IT knowledge, with an interest in developing their notions of cybersecurity or helping their organisation to better protect itself against this type of incident. Not necessarily technical or basic technical profile

Presented by:

-Itsaso Iriarte Elarre. Intelligence Coordinator. Intelligence and cyber threat analyst, psychologist specialising in intelligence and international relations. 

-Leticia Lanuza Sango: Intelligence and Fraud Manager, Intelligence and Cyber-Intelligence Analyst specialised in international relations and cybercrime.

-Diana Carolina Angulo Castro. Position: Anti-fraud service coordinator, engineer specialising in cyber-security incident response and cyber-intelligence.

Date: Monday 13/11/2023, 16:00h CEST