OSINT as a working tool - what is it and what is it used for?

Thanks to this workshop, you will have a basic knowledge of OSINT (Open Source Intelligence), its most elementary uses and how it can help us in our day-to-day work to facilitate our search tasks.

You will learn how OSINT information is obtained via the internet:

  1. How to search efficiently using booleans or google dorks
  2. What kind of information can we look for with these techniques
  3. How to consult information displayed on the internet through dedicated tools
  4. Egosurfing

Estimated duration: 1,5h

This course is aimed at different profiles with an interest in learning how to research on the internet, especially dedicated to complement knowledge in humanistic profiles (journalism, international relations or criminology). It is not necessary to have previous knowledge or material.

Planned date: Monday 6/11/2023 , 16:00h CEST

Presented by:

-Itsaso Iriarte Elarre. Intelligence Coordinator. Intelligence and cyber threat analyst, psychologist specialising in intelligence and international relations. 

-Leticia Lanuza Sango: Intelligence and Fraud Manager, Intelligence and Cyber-Intelligence Analyst specialised in international relations and cybercrime.