VASS UNIVERSTITY offers training from the entire VASS ecosystem, providing our members with a wide range of courses and possibilities for personal and professional development, through learning routes that are shaped as a gymnasium of knowledge.

Our offering aims to keep you up to date and includes training in technology areas of interest, methodologies and frameworks, behavioural skills and languages. 

The VASS UNIVERSITY community is a living community, a meeting place brought to life by the 18 guilds that bring together the interests of people who form informal teams to share concerns around 18 themes such Agile, Cybersecurity, G.O.D.S (Sustainability), Blockchain, Adobe, Front Development, Appian, Liferay, JAVA or VASS Talks.

With the support of our colleagues in VASS' People & Talent department, we're pursuing three main objectives:

  1. To have a global training catalogue accessible to all employees of the VASS Ecosystem in all geographies where we operate. 
  2. Create training itineraries that allow for the continuous improvement of the teams, taking into account the global context of our operations and the specific needs of each business area. 
  3. Develop our training strategy on a digital platform that allows us to offer members of the VASS community anytime / anywhere access.

In the last few months we've been working to provide VASS UNIVERSITY training experiences online, live streamed and face-to-face. 

  • With regard to the online training:
  • We've integrated our People & Talent platform with the Udemy catalogue. 
  • Our internal training is accessible to all employees. 
  • The training we develop in our guilds (technological areas of interest) is up to date and accessible at any time. 

We have all this content accessible at any time and integrated into our People & Talent platform, which allows us to centralise all talent processes in one tool. 

  • In our training sessions that are streamed we want to adapt to the new professional reality by taking advantage of the benefits offered by digitalisation and under the SmartWorking modality. All these training activities are organised through our digital platform which is regularly updated. 
  • We also complement our entire On Line/ Streaming catalogue with Classroom training, particularly by enhancing the development of softskills.

In terms of content, our training strategy is based on the following five pillars: 

  1. IT Training: We promote the development of technical and technological competencies that allow us to train our teams in the latest versions of the technologies most in demand by our clients. 
  2. SoftSkills Training: We offer training that allows us to develop our team management skills, customer service and corporate leadership in line with best practices in the market. 
  3. IT Certifications: We have agreements with the main manufacturers in the market to provide official training for our teams.
  4. Agile Methodologies: Scrum, Kanban, Design Thinking..... This is our to projects and at all levels of the VASS ecosystem. 
  5. Languages: Special focus on English as a required key skill in the new global environment. 

Welcome aboard the VASS UNIVERSITY experience!!!