VASS UNIVERSITY is a strategic project, brought to you by VASS Company. It collates all the training activities that circulate in our company ecosystem across 26 countries. From the training used by our professionals and collaborators to that which is shared with clients as part of their high-value projects. In addition to training from our ecosystem, we’ll also be making training we deliver in collaboration with various universities gradually available.

VASS considers TALENT the main driver in its expansion strategy. VASS UNIVERSITY aims to be an accelerator of knowledge in niche IT skills, which are in high demand on a global scale. The initiative also aims to strengthen VASS' links with higher education and vocational training providers.

In recent times, the media has reported striking waves of layoffs at global tech giants. From our perspective, these market corrections, on the one hand, affect a small percentage of technical employment. On the other hand, digital transformation is unstoppable and the need for cutting-edge talent is greater than ever. 

What this new, uncertain and changing environment will mean is that companies will be increasingly selective when recruitmenting talent. 

The experience of the last few years, backed up by our Annual Talent Survey, demonstrates there is still a need that is not sufficiently met by formal education and that the market itself does not meet this need either. Proof of this is that employers are spending an increasing amount of time training their new recruits. Through costly on boarding, they provide a layer of practical knowledge that is very difficult to obtain from conventional programmes .

VASS UNIVERSITY has channelled the professional and teaching experience of a large group of highly skilled professionals to offer high-level technical skills to people who are motivated to grow in an international environment. Through a select group of subjects, we offer a differential approach, it combines theoretical knowledge with practical applications that constitute the day to day working on complex projects, developed by a highly sought after professional elite.

Most of the courses have a short duration and follow a predominantly on-line model (synchronous, with live classes) combined with the assistance of expert teachers (tutorials) and activities based on real projects. It includes work on critical situations that raises the student's category from a mere "specialist" to an "expert profile".

We also offer a high training model through BOTTEGA UNIVERSITY, one of the first online universities in the USA. Since 2016, it has trained more than 40,000 people that are participating in major re-skilling operations with the US Federal Government or multinational companies such as AMAZON. Thanks to our alliance, you can now participate in this successful training, with the Full Stack programme on a part-time, asynchronous schedule. The programme comes with the assistance of tutors in English or Spanish and uses one of the most effective and tested remote learning methodologies in the world.

Our portfolio is complemented by the exciting world of online marketing, whose radical evolution in recent years has created a skills demand that is not being met due to a lack of skills. MOA is a high-level training centre that, since 2020, has been training professionals in the field of online marketing with an innovative approach including avant-garde itineraries that combine high-demand technical skills with an innovative methodology. learning by doing. Thanks to the experience of its teaching staff, managers and working professionals, the MOA programmes have enabled its more than 300 students to take a great professional leap forward, acquiring skills that are in great demand by companies all over the world.