New Cybersecurity Challenges

As digital transformation advances, system vulnerabilities are multiplying. The environment is worsening due to the sophistication of attack techniques or vectors such as ransomware, phishing and malware. This compromises the security of organisations and users, increasing the potential for fraud.  

Throughout the session, we will reflect on key aspects: How does the adoption of artificial intelligence affect data protection and privacy? How is identity and access management evolving to minimise attack vectors with the adoption of multifactor measures, passwordless... To what extent is user awareness important?

Learn about the latest trends and challenges facing companies and institutions.

Presented by:

  • Oscar Delgado, Professor, the Autonomous University of Madrid
  • Adrián Moreno, Head of Operations and Provisions team, Telefónica Tech
  • Jose Manuel de la Puente, DevOps & Security Manager at VASS