Webinar 'Successful Entrepreneurship' together with the Entrepreneurship Forum Spain, MIT Alumni

In today's changing and uncertain world, entrepreneurship has become a fundamental pillar. The idea of creating a business, starting a company, bringing an idea to the market, promoting initiatives and boosting talent is something that is systematically on many people's minds.

In this session we will have the expertise from Juan Antonio Latasa, President of the Entrepreneurship Forum Spain, MIT Alumniwith more than 30 years of experience as a manager of large companies, and also an entrepreneur, he is currently a professor of entrepreneurship at the Francisco de Vitoria University and at IESE.

RapporteurJuan Antonio Latasa - President of Entrepreneurship Forum Spain, MIT Alumni
Together with: Antonio Rueda - Director VASS University and VASS Foundation

Timetable: 16.00 CEST