Project Management Kata

Looking for an effective way to drive continuous improvement in your team? The Toyota Kata technique could be the answer you are looking for. Developed by Toyota, this methodology has become a benchmark in project management and process improvement.

Toyota Kata is based on the idea that consistent practice of small routines can lead to big results. By encouraging critical thinking, problem solving and controlled experimentation, this technique empowers teams to deal effectively with challenges and achieve higher levels of performance.

In this VASS University session in collaboration with EVERGREENPM we will focus on risk identification, analysis and management. And we will compete between teams through of the Project Risk Board Game.

Some of the main benefits of the Toyota Kata include:

  • Promotes a culture of continuous improvement in the organisation.
  • It facilitates the identification and solution of problems in a systematic way.
  • It encourages innovation and creativity at all levels.
  • Improve communication and collaboration within the team.

Day25 April.

Location: VASS Madrid offices