Technological solutions

The world of technological solutions (platforms) has evolved extraordinarily in recent years. Supported by them, many companies have been able to optimise their resource planning (ERPs), manage their processes (BPM), dynamically manage their web content (DXP/CMs) or improve their customer management (CRM). Its unstoppable advance, supported by low code/ no code, offers many professional opportunities. We'll provide the skills and prepare you for the most valued certifications in the market.


Adobe Experience Manager

Adobe Experience Manager

Are you ready to master the creation of web portals with the maximum power in digital experience?

Get ready to enter the world of the Adobe Experience Managerone of the top digital experience platforms on the market today! This course will open the doors to a universe of possibilities.

With our cutting-edge training, you'll become a talented portal developer with the best DXP on the market.

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Acquire the fundamental knowledge for the development of portals through the best DXP (digital experience platform) on the market, Adobe Experience ManagerThe course offers the possibility, at the end of the course, to be part of a team of more than 120 high-level professionals in a transnational working environment.

At the end of this training you will have the ability to perform the role of: Back-End Developer o Front-End.


  • Pass our rigorous JAVA or Frontend level assessment. We aim high, we are looking for a qualification above 80%.
  • Speaking the language of success is essential, especially if you are joining a technology company with a presence in 26 countries ... that's why we ask you to have a good level of minimum English B2.
  • But it's not all about technical skills, we're looking for people who can shine as a teamThey have strong communication skills, a willingness to learn and, above all, love what they do.
  • Show your achievements! We want to know your academic successso be prepared with your transcript of records.
  • It doesn't matter where you live. As it is a dynamic On Lineyou can access it comfortably from anywhere.


Estimated total duration of 120 hours:

  • 60 hours of online training
  • 60 hours of practice and final project

From 1 April to 9 May, from Monday to Thursday between 15h and 17h.

If you pass the programme, you will receive a diploma from VASS UNIVERSITY and, above all, the chance to start a brilliant career in the professional world.

The contents are structured in two modules and in Spanish:

COMMON MODULES (20 teaching hours + 20 hours of homework)

  • Repository Management (GIT) Concepts
  • AEM working environment

SPECIALISATION OPTION 1 BACK MODULE (40 teaching hours + 40 hours of homework)

  • What are the components in AEM and how are they constructed?
  • What are templates and how are they created?
  • Creating Servlets
  • Reusable content (Content fragment and Experience fragment)
  • Query debugger + Querys
  • ACS Commons
  • Dictionaries
  • Renditions

SPECIALISATION OPTION 2_ FRONT MODULE (40 teaching hours + 40 hours of homework)

    Apply the following concepts in EMP:
  • HTML5 semantic structure
  • CSS3 Style Sheets
  • SASS/SCSS and LESS style preprocessors
  • Flexible Box Module - Flexbox
  • Bootstrap library, version 4 and 5
  • JavaScript (Vanilla JS, JQuery, JQuery UI, Ajax)


The course, which will offer a maximum of 10 places, has a total price of 800 €.

  • VASS FOUNDATION will provide 10 scholarships covering 100% of the cost of the course.
  • If you have demonstrated the qualities we expect of you during the course, you can join our team! We will make you a professional offer.
  • If, after having passed the course, you are not selected, you will be part of our job bank.

Appian Specialist

Appian Specialist

As a result of our leading position in the hyperautomation market and low code solutions, we have created this specialised 120-hour online course which will enable students to become expert developers on the APPIAN platform. The course reflects the extensive experience of the teaching team in the implementation of projects based on this technology, both nationally and internationally.  

The pathway covers everything from the elementary basics to the advanced skills required to create automation and low code solutions with APPIAN. The course includes practical applications that will facilitate the automation of processes, integrations with robots (RPA) and other systems, taking full advantage of Artificial Intelligence capabilities. (AI) and the creation of common components.  

The course is complemented by training in the implementation of best practices, the creation of reusable interfaces and components, as well as database skills and other essential techniques. 

Contact us for more information about the course.

Salesforce Specialist

Salesforce Specialist

This 100-hour online programme provides specialist knowledge of the broad ecosystem of solutions offered by the SALESFORCE suite, one of the most widely deployed solutions globally.  

Students will acquire an in-depth understanding of the components, elements and key functionalities of the main SALESFORCE clouds. They will also understand in detail the essential CRM processes including sales, customer care and marketing, as well as the customer lifecycle and the various interaction channels. In addition, students will become familiar with the roles and key players involved in SALESFORCE-based transformation projects, understanding their responsibilities and expectations.

At the end of the course, participants will be experts in the main SALESFORCE clouds, including Sales, Services and Experience Cloud. They will also have a solid understanding of standard processes and will be prepared to tackle all stages of a transformation project from start to finish. In short, they will be able to effectively manage the SALESFORCE interface.  

An additional benefit of this programme is that students will be prepared to obtain official certifications, such as Certified Administrator, Certified in Sales Cloud and Certified in Service Cloud, which will further validate their experience and skills in the use of this platform. 

Contact us for more information about the course.

Academic management

Mario Tenes

Head of Digital Experience, VASS

"Extensive perspective and experience in management and implementation of CRM and BPM projects".

Mario Rozalen

Mario Rozalén

Head of Digital Experience, VASS

"More than 25 years of international digital experience in programming, management and leadership".

Javier Alarcón

Head of CRM, VASS

"In-depth knowledge in project management, expert trainer in Salesforce".


High-level working professionals

The teaching staff have expert knowledge of the subjects.

Relevant theme

The development of the course meets the most current market needs and approaches.

Like no other programme

Real problems and imaginative solutions. We tackle the most common professional obstacles.

Professional certifications

Our programmes include vouchers for leading professional certifications.

On Line Methodology

Proven learning dynamics that make it easy for students to follow the course comfortably without having to travel.

Career opportunities

Students who pass the course with flying colours will have a career opportunity.