Sustainability and Digitalisation

Sustainability and Digitalisation

The 2030 Agenda considers that Science, Technology and Innovation (STI)) are key levers for the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGS). Their assimilation by companies is becoming an institutional and social imperative that is hampered by a lack of knowledge of the concepts and practices that should underpin it.

These non-delegable sustainability commitments coexist with an accelerated process of digital transformation. Can both visions feed back into each other positively?

Throughout the session, we will review the keys to this new scenario: the fundamentals of Sustainability, its importance in the value chain and some guidelines to ensure that digitisation and new technologies/toolss enable sustainable business practices.

Language: English.

Presented by:

  • Gustavo Romanillos, Professor, Complutense University of Madrid and Coordinator of the Master Tech Cities
  • Paola Uzcudum, Sustainability Guild Leader, VASS


  • 13 September.