Applied Computer Security

Are you unemployed and would like to broaden your knowledge in Applied Cybersecurity?

VASS FOUNDATION teaches the course "APPLIED COMPUTER SECURITY (300 hours in total), subsidised by the Ministry of Education, Vocational Training and Sport.  

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This course aims to equip students with professional knowledge in the following areas Cybersecurityfrom basic to more advanced knowledge, such as Hacking, Pentesting, IT Auditing, IT Forensics or Identity Governance and ManagementOnce they have completed the course, they can join the IT and cybersecurity departments of companies in various sectors and build their professional careers in this field. 

Students who successfully complete the course will receive a VASS University diploma with the professional qualification IFC153_3 ("IT security").



Being in a situation of UNEMPLOYMENT on the starting date of the course in the Community of Madrid and be in the Community of Madrid at the time the course starts. ALTA as a jobseeker at the SEPE office. 

Meet the conditions for a work permit in Spain. 


Meet one of the following requirements:  

- Higher grade cycle in Multi-platform Application Development 

- Higher grade cycle in WEB Application Development 

- Higher grade cycle in Administration of Networked Computer Systems 


UC0486_3 Computer security I 60 
UC0486_3 Computer security II 30 
UC0487_3 IT security audit I 60 
UC0487_3 IT security audit II 30 
UC0488_3: Computer security incident management I 60 
UC0488_3: IT security incident management II 30 
UC0490_3 Service management in the IT system II 30 

They will be trained in the following areas: 

  • Auditing communication networks and computer systems. 
  • Detect and respond to security incidents. 
  • Manage cybersecurity services in the IT system. 
  • Incident management. 
  • Computer Forensics. 
  • I work at SOC. 

They shall be prepared for the following jobs  

- Computer security technician 

- IT audit technician 

- Computer Forensics Technician 


Assessment will be carried out continuously throughout the course and, in each unit or training action that makes it up, through the accompaniment and monitoring by the teacher of the daily work of the participants, the carrying out of practical cases and their participation during the training sessions. This must allow the training progress of the student to be gauged. 

The evaluation process will culminate in a test at the end of each unit or training action, which will consist of a multiple-choice test and a practical case study related to the subject matter of the course. 

Weighting for the overall assessment: 

Assistance:  15 % 
Attitude towards work:  20 % 
Test results and theoretical tests:15 % 
Practical tests:  50 % 

In addition, at the end of each training course, the following will take place an assessment questionnaire to know the student's perspective on the degree of achievement of the objectives, the didactic process, the understanding of the subject and the suitability of the contents.