Software Engineering

This specialisation provides the knowledge necessary to create scalable business applications following the best practices of the software development industry. You will learn to use the most recognised frameworks in the market for both the development of the user interface (Front-end) and for the logic and database part (Back-end).


Full Stack International

Full Stack International

Since 2016, the American University BOTTEGA, one of the pioneers of online education in the USA, has professionally retrained 40,000 people without previous expertise in programming with this 600-hour asynchronous, bilingual, open-enrolment programme, with unlimited assistance from professional mentors.

The course will allow you to acquire a professional profile suitable for immediate incorporation into any multinational, through a methodology oriented towards employability with a practical approach that will allow you to deploy more than 15 real projects. 

This course provides the necessary knowledge in the use of front-end libraries and frameworks, back-end content management programming for websites, implementation and installation on servers, and execution of SQL queries in databases. Students will be trained in the use of JavaScript, React, Python, MongoDB, SQL Database, Node.js, and other frameworks. 

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There's a growing trend for customers linked to cloud and digital architectures to work with microservices-based solutions. With this 220-hour course you'll learn to develop and deploy in operation microservices solutions and develop a good understanding of the associated technological environment.

Based on the successful on-boarding experience of one of the main VASS units, we provide comprehensive training covering creation, implementation, deployment and scaling, using widely deployed and future-proof tools such as Spring Boot, Spring Cloud and Feign-Rest Template. 

Student will not only learn the theoretical concepts, they will also have the opportunity to apply them in practical, real-life cases, developing their decision making and problem-solving abilities. 

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Mobile Development

Mobile Development

The massive penetration of smartphones has made their use as a communication and business channel widespread. The VASS Mobile team, with nationally and internationally recognised competences, offers a unique 180-hour online programme that prepares students to face real-world challenges.

Students will be trained in the knowledge of a mobility framework, to face the requirements of real environments, and address typical challenges and scenarios that arise on projects that require high-performance specialist teams. This course provides a broader range of knowledge than existing modules on the market and includes the application of satellite concepts (software architecture, collaborative tools, security, specificities) which are indispensable in the world of work.

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Academic management

David Rodríguez Alvarez

David Rodríguez Alvarez

Growth & Delivery Manager, VASS

"Mathematician, university professor, CTO/CIO/COO, startup investor and technology consultant".

Jose Angel Corral

Strategy & Innovation Manager, VASS

"More than 20 years' experience as CEO/CTO, entrepreneur, startup advisor and IT consultant".

Miguel Angel Pérez Girbés

Mobile & IoT Manager, VASS

"Specialist consultant and mobile architect. Technology and teaching enthusiast".


High-level working professionals

The teaching staff have expert knowledge of the subjects.

Relevant theme

The development of the course meets the most current market needs and approaches.

Like no other programme

Real problems and imaginative solutions. We tackle the most common professional obstacles.

Practical approach

All subjects have a practical application. Our pathways are pure applied knowledge.

On Line Methodology

Proven learning dynamics that make it easy for students to follow the course comfortably without having to travel.

Career opportunities

Students who pass the course with flying colours will have a career opportunity.