VASS FOUNDATION launches the course "APPLIED COMPUTER SECURITY" subsidised by the Ministry of Education, Vocational Training and Sports.

VASS FOUNDATION has been awarded a contract by the Ministry of Education, Vocational Training and Sport to provide a training course for the unemployed in the field of cybersecurity. The course will be entitled "APPLIED COMPUTER SECURITY (300 hours in total).

It will be face-to-face and is to be deployed and completed during 2024. There is 25 places. The course will be free for participants

This course aims to provide students with professional knowledge in Cybersecurity, from basic to more advanced knowledge, such as Hacking, Pentesting, Computer Auditing, Computer Forensics or Governance and Identity Management, so that, once they have completed the course, they can join the IT and Cybersecurity Departments of companies in various sectors and build their professional careers in this field. Students who pass the course will have the professional qualification IFC153_3 ("IT security") 

The training itinerary will consist of SEVEN Training Actions among which attendees will learn commonly accepted general criteria on IT equipment security, from business impact analysis to risk management, including security implementation plan or physical and industrial security of systems.

Interested parties can register via this link

UNIR, Qualentum and Vass University join forces to launch new degrees in AI and mobile app development

This synergy marks a milestone in the collaboration between educational institutions and companies to address the growing demand for professionals in the technology sector. 

Madrid, 19 March 2024.  

The International University of La Rioja (UNIR) together with the Proeduca Group company Qualentum and VASS University are launching two new degrees focused on the development of mobile applications and artificial intelligence.  

This initiative comes at a crucial time for the talent shortage in the technology sector. According to research conducted by Manpower at the end of 2023, 79% of IT companies expect to struggle to fill technology-related vacancies in 2024, a significant increase from previous years. 

In this context, a tripartite agreement has been signed to address new qualified professional profiles. These degrees mark a milestone in the collaboration between educational institutions and companies to address the growing demand for professionals in the technology sector and represent a unique opportunity for those seeking to advance their careers in a constantly evolving field. 

VASS University brings the business experience of its parent company, the leading Spanish digital solutions company VASS. It is responsible for the creation of the training itineraries and the development of educational material for these programmes. In addition, it actively participates in the selection of candidates and teachers, as well as in the delivery of the programmes. 

For its part, UNIR provides a high quality online educational environment, where it supports instructors and will award the corresponding degrees or certifications to students who successfully complete the programmes.  

Finally, Qualentum, the PROEDUCA Group company dedicated to the identification, specialisation and recruitment of talent for large technology companies, is responsible for the dissemination, advertising and selection of students for the employment programmes, as well as all the logistics, guaranteeing specialised training, aligned with the real needs of the labour market.