University Postgraduate Courses

VASS UNIVERSITY collaborates with several universities on postgraduate programmes, which combine real situations with highly specialised areas of expertise. We provide expertise in the design of programmes and academic collaboration for the delivery of courses.

FinTech (MUFintech) at UC3M

The application of technology to financial markets (FinTech) is one of the professional areas that has experienced the greatest growth in recent years. We're part of the teaching staff on the master's degree programme in Financial Sector Technologies: FinTech (MUFintech) at UC3M, supporting high specialisation from a practical knowledge.

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University of Navarra

In collaboration with the School of Engineering of the University of Navarra (Tecnun), our experts deploy learning modules that help to internalise the principles and practices that underpin the new frameworks and project management under the agility approach, in its various aspects.

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Autonomous University of Madrid

Thanks to the first edition of the Specialist Course in Cybersecurity Operations Centre Management, 15 students have had the opportunity to acquire and put into practice knowledge of cryptography and information security; malware and forensic analysis; web security and fraud; or to learn about network security architectures.

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