Working Methodologies

Digital project management has evolved a lot in recent years. Under the theories of agilism, efficiency has been imposed as a value, linked to a dynamic, participatory and continuous improvement concept. Knowing the differential secrets and best practices guarantees an explosive evolution in performance. We'll explain it in a way no one else does.


This 12-hour Scrum course will allow you to discover the keys to success with this agile working methodology. Scrum delivers twice the results in half the time, with higher quality and happier teams, outperforming other ways of working that generate delays, dissatisfied customers and lost profits.

With this course, you'll understand the agile approach. You'll learn to differentiate it from the waterfall lifecycle, and to understand the Scrum lifecycle with its roles, artefacts and events. This course is ideal if you want to learn the most popular agile framework, working in a structured way, reduce delivery times and deliver value to customers from the outset. 

The course focuses on the preparation for the PSM test I. 

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The PM² courses provide the necessary knowledge to understand and apply project management methodology developed by the European Commission. PM² is a light and easy to use methodology, incorporating elements of global best practice such as PMBOK, PRINCE2 and IPMA-ICB.  

With this course you will gain an understanding of the basic characteristics of projects, the organisational issues related to project management, the value of PM², and acquire the necessary skills to work on PM² projects.  

This 24-hour programme allows PM² to be applied on real projects and, after passing the exam, students will obtain the official PM² Advanced certification .

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The 24-hour Agile HR workshop allows you to discover how to apply the agile philosophy in human resources management. The programme is aimed at both internal practices and processes related to the management of people. It offers practical and dynamic learning that maximises business agility and creates value in the organisation.

Students will understand the agile approach, be able to change traditional HR processes and adapt new processes. The programme explores case studies of organisations. Students will also learn about Agile frameworks like Scrum, Kanban and Design Thinking applied to HR. This course is ideal for HR students or professionals, people looking for a new perspective and organisational transformation teams.

At the end of this training and after a final project, you will be awarded the official ICP-AHR certification. 

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